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May 19, 2022
Introducing Linked Docs - the new branch 💪
Introducing Linked Docs - the new branch 💪

TL;DR We are renaming Branches to Linked Docs. Linked docs work just like branches for comparing, merging, and managing your revisions but are also discoverable as standalone files.

Today our customers use version control in Almanac to collaborate with more transparency, organization, and structure than any other platform on the market.

  • You can suggest changes to docs to which you only have read or comment access
  • You can work privately on a new version without everyone seeing your work in progress
  • You can manage revisions on documents that end up diverging from the original

We strive to give your documents as much power as git does with code. To further align with this vision, we're excited to roll out expanded capabilities for connected documents over the next few weeks.

Introducing 🔗 Linked Docs: an enhanced way to create related documents that can be seamlessly compared and merged later.

Unlike branches, Linked Docs are individual, separate files that function as normal documents. You can store them in any folder when you create them and share them separately. All existing branches will be converted to Linked Docs and show up in the same folder as the original doc.

With linked documents, you can still easily compare and merge them in one-click. Linked Docs are perfect for projects with big rounds revisions, like contracts, press releases, or technical specs, where you compare and combine many versions into a clean "vFinal."

When you copy a doc, you have the option to create a Linked Doc or an Unlinked doc, where the doc's previous history will be wiped so you can start from scratch.

Soon, we'll introduce the ability to create layers of in-line tracked changes for quick revisions and suggestions within the same doc. Watch this space for more. 🎵  

Learn more about Linked Docs

Reach flow fast

When inspiration strikes, we want it to be as easy as possible to put pen to paper. This is why we introduced, a one-stop URL to put you directly into a new document whenever you need to get started writing quickly. Quick notes, meeting minutes, dream journal, anything you need to write is just a URL away!

Automatic upgrade of legacy Almanac docs coming soon

Starting May 25, all legacy Almanac documents will be automatically upgraded to the latest and greatest Almanac editor.

The new editor brings new features galore: custom fonts and sizes, color boxes and gradients to make your text pop, and embedded views for tools like Airtable, Loom, and Canva.

These changes will only impact documents created before January 27th, 2022 that have not yet been manually upgraded. Note that your document version history will be reset with the upgrade. There is no action you need to take; the upgrade will be automatically applied.

Improvements and fixes

  • We simplified the command line! The command options are now contextualized to where you're working within Almanac. Navigating pages, adding a comment, inserting a title, and more are all just a Command+K away. Stay tuned for even more command line improvements coming soon 👀
  • You can now add code blocks, images, embeds, lists, and toggle blocks within table cells.
  • We improved email notifications for your comments and tasks.
  • The right-click menu in tables is working better than ever.
  • Content styling is now reflected across inbox previews, document comparisons, snippets, and more.