About Almanac

Our mission is to build collaborative infrastructure for the digital economy.

Over the next century, nearly all full-time work—1.3 billion jobs—will move online.

The pioneers of this transition—software developers—created cloud-native products like Github to easily discover code, build off others’ work, and collaborate ever more efficiently.

However, most professionals today—in fields like technology, law, academia, government, and professional services—still work in document editors built on file-and-folder architecture from 40 years ago.

As a result, teams spend 40% of their day manually managing workflows—looking for the right version, recreating existing work from scratch, managing revisions across tools—rather than doing the deep, meaningful work only they can do.

We’re building an operating system designed for the way modern professionals work online — so teams and organizations can focus on doing work that matters, not managing folders.

We started Almanac to democratize access to digital skills, insights, and tools so that no one is limited by knowledge in pursuit of their potential. And we won’t stop until we live in a world where everyone can be their best self at work.
What We Believe
We are what we do. At Almanac, our virtues are who we are.
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Our Supporters
We are backed by some of the best investors and operators in the world.
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Meet the team

Adam Nathan
Co-founder and CEO
Taylor Thompson
Co-founder and Head of Growth
Eddie Wu
Head of Engineering
Thomas Melching
Growth Manager
Forrest Cronin
Social Media & Community Growth Manager
Steven Ko
Dakota Raymond
Engineering Lead, Editor Team
Alan Cassinelli
Growth Manager
Ivan Manolov
Lead Designer
Gregorio Setti
Engineering Lead, OS Team
Vlad G. Rill
Philip Clark
Product and Customer Operations
Emily Kasper
Lead Recruiter
Josh Nelson
Product Designer
Danielle Eben
Customer Operations Manager
Tess Brown
Community Manager
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