Write, collaborate, and organize all your work in docs.
Power your team with the only doc editor designed for async collaboration.
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"Almanac is building the future of the documentation tools for teams. Reviews, approvals, merging, history, super great multiplayer. Early days, but super awesome."
Job van der Voort
CEO at Remote.com
"It feels like the best of Google Docs (real-time collab, great doc editor) with the power of a project management app (tasks and workflows)."
Brent Gilmore
Product Design Consultant
"Almanac has been such an essential tool for us – it's allowed us to cleanly organize our company information in a way that saves us time, optimizes our collaboration, and keeps the team up to date and informed."
Chelsea De La Grana
Director of People & Compliance at Codesmith
"Incorporating Almanac as one of our core tools has given us the chance to coordinate work with a completely remote team. Our workflow improved and our speed of execution improved significantly."
Lakshanika Lammeera
CEO at Yuno
"While I have no shortage of tools for writing, every time I think about needing to create a playbook or strategy memo that I want others to critique seriously, I think of using Almanac."
Jordan Wan
Founder of CloserIQ
"Remote fails at scale without great documentation. Tools like Almanac are the necessary operating systems for distributed teams."
Matt Redler
CEO at Panther
Almanac makes collaboration as great as it should be.
Create dynamic, living documentation that scales as you grow.
Centralize all your work, knowledge, and people in one place.
Stay organized and informed of everything that's happening.
Foster a writing culture for accountability and clarity.
Build radically transparent feedback and approval processes.
Onboard and retain the very best people onto your team.
(Your team will love it)
Let's be real.
Remote work is not an online version of the office—and you'll burn out trying to make that work.
Scattered collaboration, overwhelming notifications, and Zoom fatigue isn't how remote work is supposed to work.

Your team constantly feels behind, and anxious that they're not on the same page. There are too many meetings and not enough time to get real work done.

With Almanac, you get dedicated space to work on your terms, without compromising collaboration.

You and your team finally have time to do deep, impactful work without having to constantly manage the feedback process–it's all taken care of.
Your current feedback process probably looks something like this👇
collaborative workflows
version control
Write with superpowers.
Flexible formatting meets cutting-edge tools to make your documents as dynamic as your work.  
Collaborate efficiently and transparently.
Work with your team better with real-time collaboration, track changes, version history, and more.

Seamlessly compare and merge versions together into the perfect final doc.
Organize all your work and people in one place.
Never lose a document again. Organize docs in handbooks, folders, groups or nested docs – whatever works best for your team.
Get on the same page without meetings or messages.
Use structured workflows to ask for feedback or approval on documents and transparently monitor progress along the way to ✅
Document processes with handbooks that update themselves.
Curate documents into wiki-style handbooks for each team or function. Enable anyone to suggest changes, without disturbing the original doc, to keep knowledge current.
Work has changed.
It's time your doc editor did too.
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