Discover the latest changes and improvements to Almanac.
A cleaner, faster, more reliable image experience
A cleaner, faster, more reliable image experience

We've updated the experience for using images within your document with a fresh and faster experience. The same functionalities you know and love are all still there, but in a cleaner, speedier, and more reliable fashion.

Quality of Life

  • Now when viewing a doc, you will see any realtime Review requests come in on the document in realtime without needing to refresh
  • Changes to hyperlinks are now tracked properly when using Tracked Changes on your document
  • Changes to inline code content are now tracked properly when using Tracked Changes on your document
  • When using a Task checklist, the doc load time is now improved
  • Your Directory Profile will now always load properly
New home for the Almanac Core
New home for the Almanac Core

We've simplified the experience for accessing the breadth of templates from industry experts in the Almanac Core. Templates are always accessible in the bottom left of your Workspace, via the Templates button. Additionally, now when browsing the Core, you can easily navigate back to your Workspace with the "Your Workspace" button.

Quality of life

  • We've improved the experience of using Tasks in your documents! In-doc Tasks are now faster and more reliable. And even more updates coming soon 😉
  • We've improved the permissions experience from the main document when you do not have access to a Linked Copy.
  • When snoozing items in your inbox, we've added more detailed date information to make your experience cleaner.
  • The Track Changes tab is back in the right side of your documents after a short hiatus.
  • Suggested Changes have a new icon in your Inbox to help distinguish them.
  • When a document is only shared with one other person who Suggests Changes, we will no longer display an error message.
Inbox snoozing and mailto support
Inbox snoozing and mailto support

Archive and snooze your Inbox

Last week, we announced the new filtering for Inbox. We have also added the ability to easily archive and snooze your notifications to keep your Inbox clean and focused 🧽 With one click, you can Archive Inbox notifications you no longer need. As well, easily Snooze notifications to a custom date in the future. Need to focus on drafting for the day? Snooze those Review Requests to tomorrow and find your flow ✌️

Improved support for emails in-doc

We've improved the experience of adding email addresses to a document. We will now recognize when an email has been added and automatically convert it to a mailto link for simple access.

Quality of life

  • We've improved the copy modal across the product.
  • We've made it easier to remove links from hyperlinks.
  • We've consolidated the behavior for doc statuses to ensure they are always properly changing status as-needed.
Find flow with filters, fine-tuned next steps, and fancy new slash options
Find flow with filters, fine-tuned next steps, and fancy new slash options

Easy access to just what you need in Inbox #yesfilter

Breeze through your notifications with our new inbox filters. Filter by category to quickly check off access requests, enter a review flow, or cruise through comments. Your inbox is also now automatically sorted to the last 7 days to prevent that inbox notification overload. Expand to 14 days or all time to view older notifications. Head over to your Inbox to try it out today!

Flow from action to action

Now when drafting a document, completing a Review, evaluating feedback from others, and so much more, you will see contextual prompts in the top right of your documents to keep you focused and in-the-zone once you're done with your current action.

In the zone reviewing others work? One-click to the next Review in your inbox. Or ready to add your document to a handbook now that it's been reviewed? We got you 🤝

Smash that Slash button

For peak productivity when writing in Almanac, we want to make it easy to never have to leave your keyboard. We've updated our slash ​/ menu to include all the same options you know and love from our toolbar, all searchable with a slash (/). We also updated the categorizations to make it easy to explore and discover new functionalities.

Quality of life

  • We've added a new Product Tour to help new users understand the power of Almanac. Check it out today!
  • Using the @ mention menu and then hitting esc will no longer show a lost changes warning.
  • Access notification emails will no longer occasionally display "None" access.
  • The Async Protocol checklist screen for new users now includes a link to more details on the Protocol.
Organize content with drag and drop, and keep people informed with new Viewer role
Organize content with drag and drop, and keep people informed with new Viewer role

Drag and drop

We're excited to announce that dragging-and-dropping content and the ability to create columns in your document are now available! Use the ⋮⋮ icon beside any content block to move content around the page or stack it side-by-side. You can also use the columns icon in the toolbar to create a set number of columns to add content to.

Blocks can be dragged in and out of columns or you can click to select a block and then use the delete key to remove the content. Your document is now a canvas for you to design content in the best way for your message 🎨.

Viewer Role for Reviews

We've introduced a new role for Reviews to help you keep people in the know about your Review without needing their direct input. Now when Requesting a Review, in addition to adding specific Approvers, you can add Viewers to the Review to keep them informed of the review process.

Quality of Life

  • We improved the @ mention menu to now escape if a space is entered directly following the @. Dinner @ 7pm here you come.
  • People mentioned in a document will now only show up once in the document Information in the right sidebar, regardless of how many times they were mentioned in the document .
  • We improved the behavior of tooltips to ensure they are always properly positioned in various window sizes.
  • We removed the carrots alongside documents in the copy modal to clarify the distinction between folders and documents.