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January 27, 2022
The All New Almanac
The All New Almanac

The new editor is now available for everyone! Every new doc you create has more flexibility than ever before.  

You now have full control over the formatting and presentation of your docs — making your Almanac doc a true replacement to Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

All new docs will be created in the new editor. In the coming weeks, we'll release an option for you to convert legacy docs into the new editor.


Requesting a review is even easier than before. You can request reviews from your new file tab or with the button at the bottom of your right side bar.

Stay up to date with all your reviews in the Reviews section on the left side bar of your workspace.

Branches are now versions

Github for docs branching

We've simplified your workflow by calling branches versions. Create and edit in a linked version linked to the main doc so you don't overwrite your original work. Compare changes between versions and merge the edits you want to keep.

Make a new version by clicking the 'New Version' button in the left corner of your format bar.


Have unparalleled transparency with doc-level insights that show every interaction your team has with the doc.

You can track who has viewed your doc, submitted their feedback, and easily remind people of their actions.

Access Insights from the File tab at the top of your doc.

Improved Handbooks

Handbooks are now even more customizable and faster to keep up to date. Drag and drop your documents using the handbook navigation— allowing you more flexibility to nest documents under each other and the ability to add docs faster.

Set default fonts and colors to your handbooks to make it express your brand better.

You asked for better permission settings, and voila! Set bulk permissions as default for anyone who has access to the entire handbook. Go to your handbook settings to set the default permission levels you prefer.

We'll auto-migrate all your existing handbooks to the new format in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.