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May 24, 2022
Handbook permissions improvements
Handbook permissions improvements

We smoothed out Handbook permission for editing and sharing content to make it easy to give colleagues the right level of access. There are now four permissions levels for your Handbooks:

  • Handbook Editor: Able to edit all Handbook content including the Handbook sections, doc organization, and settings
  • Content Editor: Able to edit any content within the Handbook, but not the broader handbook settings and which docs are added to the handbook
  • Comment: Able to read and comment on all Handbook content
  • Read Only: Only able to view content

Automatic upgrade of legacy Almanac docs

Starting today, all legacy Almanac documents will be automatically upgraded to the latest and greatest Almanac editor. The new editor includes our latest features and fixes, including color boxes and gradients, embedded views for tools like GitHub, Loom, and Figma, and more. There is no action you need to take; the upgrade will be automatically applied.

Quality of life improvements

We've improved the experience for navigating comments in Almanac 💬

  • Clicking on a specific comment will autoscroll your document to the relevant place in-doc, 100% of the time 😉
  • You can easily expand and collapse comment threads with a delightful interaction

We simplified the List dropdown for quicker scanning 👀

We shipped responsiveness improvements to make typing in the editor even faster 🏃