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December 9, 2022
New Feature
Track every edit with Activity
Track every edit with Activity

Transparency is a critical part of collaboration. That's why we're introducing Activity summary and Activity view—an easy way to see how a document has changed.

Activity summary is a modal that pops up in the bottom left of your screen that gives you a quick overview of how a document has changed since you last visited it. If no changes have been made, it won't appear. 👻

The Activity view gives you unprecedented transparency into how a document has changed over time, grouping changes chronologically that you can easily navigate through.

Activities can include edits, comments, sharing, copies, merged branches, and workflows (Feedback, Approval, and Read Receipt requests).

You can move through activities by clicking the arrows at the top of the Activity view or by clicking on specific activities in the right-hand feed. Edits with additions are underlined in green and deletions are marked with a red strikethrough so you can easily see how an event is different than the previous one.

At any activity, you can:

  • Create a branch
  • Name the activity for additional context
  • Make a copy
  • Restore the document from the activity

With these two new features, you now have full transparency into how your documents change from start to finish.

Don't miss any part of the action 🐝 🤗