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December 9, 2022
Templates, toolbars, and a new ribbon
Templates, toolbars, and a new ribbon

New ribbon, who dis?

The editor ribbon just got an overhaul! We've simplified your icon options, added some icon pizzazz ✨, and grouped together similar actions to make it faster to find what you need. Check it out in any document today!

Table toolbar time

The table toolbar power-up continues this week with a new way to access styling options for tables and individual cells. Select individual cells or a full table in any document to start styling away!

Unlock the power of Almanac Core templates

You can now access the top templates from the Almanac Core directly within your Workspace. Check out the new "Templates" button in the left rail to discover templates to power up your workflow.

Quality of life improvements

  • Search results will now show a preview of where in the document your search phrase appears
  • Handbooks will now appear in search results
  • Links can now be added as Document Properties in addition to text, dates, multi-select, numbers, and checkboxes
  • Users will now receive notifications when they're added to a group