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February 7, 2023
New Feature
Tasks 🤝 Reviews: Assign specific To-dos during your Review Request
Tasks 🤝 Reviews: Assign specific To-dos during your Review Request

Create Tasks within your Review

Reviewing and collaborating on documents often involves multiple experts working on specific sections of the doc. We're excited to bring the ability to assign tasks during a Review to superpower your collaborative workflows.

With the new Assign Tasks mode, you can easily assign specific items for collaborators to fill in during the drafting process, or fine-tune the doc areas you would like reviewed by whom.

You can customize the due date for these tasks to provide transparency and structure to the collaboration process, in addition to the Review due date you know and love.

Try it out when creating a Review on your document today!

Quality of life

  • We've simplified and improved the experience for creating Tasks within your document so it's easier than ever to assign out specific to-dos.
  • We fixed a bug where in certain cases, copying and pasting a link to a specific section of a document would not automatically scroll to that specific document section.
  • Deleting a folder from the folder settings page now works as expected.
  • We improved the folder breadcrumbs to ensure we show the full folder name as often as possible.
  • You can now add cover docs while viewing a document with the left sidebar showing.
  • Searching for a folder now shows the folder emoji in the results.