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December 9, 2022
New Feature
Organize content with drag and drop, and keep people informed with new Viewer role
Organize content with drag and drop, and keep people informed with new Viewer role

Drag and drop

We're excited to announce that dragging-and-dropping content and the ability to create columns in your document are now available! Use the ⋮⋮ icon beside any content block to move content around the page or stack it side-by-side. You can also use the columns icon in the toolbar to create a set number of columns to add content to.

Blocks can be dragged in and out of columns or you can click to select a block and then use the delete key to remove the content. Your document is now a canvas for you to design content in the best way for your message 🎨.

Viewer Role for Reviews

We've introduced a new role for Reviews to help you keep people in the know about your Review without needing their direct input. Now when Requesting a Review, in addition to adding specific Approvers, you can add Viewers to the Review to keep them informed of the review process.

Quality of Life

  • We improved the @ mention menu to now escape if a space is entered directly following the @. Dinner @ 7pm here you come.
  • People mentioned in a document will now only show up once in the document Information in the right sidebar, regardless of how many times they were mentioned in the document .
  • We improved the behavior of tooltips to ensure they are always properly positioned in various window sizes.
  • We removed the carrots alongside documents in the copy modal to clarify the distinction between folders and documents.