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December 9, 2022
New gradients, a real-time status page, and an even quicker way to search
New gradients, a real-time status page, and an even quicker way to search

New, vibrant gradients are here 🌈

Updated great-dients have arrived with a fresh new look! The new gradients are brighter, more vibrant, and add a bit more shine to your docs. Head to any document to try them out on Headings, Callouts, and more!

Super Admin powered up

We improved the way you view your Workspace as a Super Admin to ensure you always know when you are viewing files as a Super Admin versus with standard account permissions. When you toggle on Super Admin mode, you will see an orange border and popover text while navigating your Workspace. Head over to Settings → Account to try it out today!

Recently, expanded

We've added an option to view more Recent files directly from your Search bar, so you can quickly access the files most important to you.

Real time Almanac status page

Our goal at Almanac is to ensure you never run into issues or outages with our site, but we will always keep you informed if need be. We've created so you can check if there is any maintenance occurring or known issues with our site or our service providers. As soon as we identify an issue, we will provide real-time updates to our status. Subscribe to Almanac updates so you're always in the know.

Quality of life

  • We've improved page load performance improvements across the platform to make your experience super speedy 🏃‍♂️
  • The insights modal will no longer occasionally show overlapping text
  • Many small polish fixes across the product to make your experience feel 💅
  • We updated the icon for duplicating documents within Handbooks
  • We fixed an issue around searching for documents in handbooks
  • Search will no longer occasionally crash
  • We added in left sidebar hover support for opening the navigation menu