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December 9, 2022
New Feature
Mermaid.js is
Mermaid.js is

Mermaid.js is now available in Almanac for all your diagramming needs! With Mermaid, you can create architecture diagrams, flow charts, Gantt charts, and much more, using Markdown-inspired syntax. Check it out via the /Element menu today.

'Ello Editor

We've add a walkthrough for new users creating their first document! These tips will guide you through key aspects of our editing experience and help you unlock the power of the editor from Day One.

Inbox sorted by last updated

To help you act on the most urgent requests from your Inbox, we've changed the ordering of Inbox items to be sorted by the last updated item. Previously, these items were ordered by when they were created, now, you'll get the most relevant information at the top of your inbox.

Quality of life

  • We fixed a bug where images would not show up in read-only mode in certain cases– picture perfect now! 🖼
  • In some cases, private documents would show as a white screen in a handbook. We fixed this to always show an Access Request view.
  • Our new markdown shortcuts prevented you from adding a lot of underscores when needed. This is fixed, underscore away!
  • Deprecated documents now link back to the newest version so you can easily find the most up-to-date information.
  • Removing a task will now always remove the task decoration.