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December 9, 2022
Inbox snoozing and mailto support
Inbox snoozing and mailto support

Archive and snooze your Inbox

Last week, we announced the new filtering for Inbox. We have also added the ability to easily archive and snooze your notifications to keep your Inbox clean and focused 🧽 With one click, you can Archive Inbox notifications you no longer need. As well, easily Snooze notifications to a custom date in the future. Need to focus on drafting for the day? Snooze those Review Requests to tomorrow and find your flow ✌️

Improved support for emails in-doc

We've improved the experience of adding email addresses to a document. We will now recognize when an email has been added and automatically convert it to a mailto link for simple access.

Quality of life

  • We've improved the copy modal across the product.
  • We've made it easier to remove links from hyperlinks.
  • We've consolidated the behavior for doc statuses to ensure they are always properly changing status as-needed.