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December 9, 2022
Improvements, improvements, improvements
Improvements, improvements, improvements

The team is hard at work on huge updates for the platform coming soon in our Fall Release. In the meantime, we've improved some existing experiences to make your day-to-day shine. ✨

Simply sidebar

We've simplified the left sidebar to make it easier than ever to navigate your workspace, with your most important pages highlighted and easy access to your files.  Hover over the sidebar for a quick glance at any Tasks, Reviews, or Inbox todos to keep you on-task and in-flow. Settings and Members and Groups are also now contextualized under the Workspace selector.

Creating a new workspace

We've updated the experience for creating a new workspace within Almanac. It's now simpler than ever to get started with a new home for your collaboration.

Quality of life

  • We fixed a bug where Inviting Members would show up as an option when browsing Almanac Core templates
  • We fixed a bug where the inline menus for blocks in the editor were not showing properly
  • We fixed a temporary bug where unregistered users were not getting emailed when a document was shared with them