May 19, 2023
Focus Mode, Read Receipts, Table of Contents, & Performance Improvements

This week we shipped several new features that make working in Almanac even better and faster.

Let's get into it:

Introducing Focus Mode

Working asynchronously gives you more time to do deep work and get in flow. Focus Mode helps make it even easier.

As you start typing, Focus Mode will activate and hide the doc interface so you can  concentrate on writing. As you move your mouse the interface will reappear.

Focus mode can be turned off in the document settings using Command+Option+S (Mac) or Control+Alt+S (Windows).

Improved Read Receipts

Sharing docs with read receipts is an experience you can only do in Almanac and it just got even better. After great customer feedback, we made several improvements to the experience.

Now when you toggle read receipts on from the "Share" modal, you'll see a new read receipts modal where you can:

  • See the profile photos of people who will be receiving the read receipt request
  • Change who the request will be sent to and add in additional users
  • Change the subject line and due date
  • Edit the text of the notification with rich text formatting

Get even more precise on who sees your work. Learn more about Read Receipts in our Help Center ->

New Table of Contents

A Table of Contents is dynamically created on the left side of your doc, using the headings you use.

Navigate to any part of your doc clicking a section in the table of contents. Your current location will be shown in blue.

When your browser window is narrower, the table of contents shrinks into marks that you can hover over to expand the full table of contents.

Performance Improvements

We recently made some platform improvements that make working in Almanac even faster:

  • Loading a document is now 33% faster!
  • Navigating back to home from a document is 6x faster than before.
  • Once you visit a filter tab in "All Files", navigating back to that tab loads it instantly.

We're committed to making work delightful and easier.

What do you think of the improvements? Love them or hate them? Share your thoughts in our Slack community!

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