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December 9, 2022
New Feature
Find flow with filters, fine-tuned next steps, and fancy new slash options
Find flow with filters, fine-tuned next steps, and fancy new slash options

Easy access to just what you need in Inbox #yesfilter

Breeze through your notifications with our new inbox filters. Filter by category to quickly check off access requests, enter a review flow, or cruise through comments. Your inbox is also now automatically sorted to the last 7 days to prevent that inbox notification overload. Expand to 14 days or all time to view older notifications. Head over to your Inbox to try it out today!

Flow from action to action

Now when drafting a document, completing a Review, evaluating feedback from others, and so much more, you will see contextual prompts in the top right of your documents to keep you focused and in-the-zone once you're done with your current action.

In the zone reviewing others work? One-click to the next Review in your inbox. Or ready to add your document to a handbook now that it's been reviewed? We got you 🤝

Smash that Slash button

For peak productivity when writing in Almanac, we want to make it easy to never have to leave your keyboard. We've updated our slash ​/ menu to include all the same options you know and love from our toolbar, all searchable with a slash (/). We also updated the categorizations to make it easy to explore and discover new functionalities.

Quality of life

  • We've added a new Product Tour to help new users understand the power of Almanac. Check it out today!
  • Using the @ mention menu and then hitting esc will no longer show a lost changes warning.
  • Access notification emails will no longer occasionally display "None" access.
  • The Async Protocol checklist screen for new users now includes a link to more details on the Protocol.