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December 9, 2022
Doc Dividers, More Markdown, and Timely Templates
Doc Dividers, More Markdown, and Timely Templates

Divided we write, united we fight ✍️

You can now easily divide up your document content with multiple styles of dividers. Use the Insert ribbon, / Element menu, or ---​ in Markdown to try it out today!


We've added new Markdown shortcuts to help boost your productivity 🚀 Now, you can use the below list of Markdown shortcuts in addition to those you already know and love. Check out our Help Center for our full list of keyboard shortcuts.

  • Bold text with ** and ** or __double underscores__
  • Italicize text with * and *
  • Highlight text between :: and :: or == and ==
  • Strikethrough text with ~~ and ~~
  • Add inline code with `code`
  • Insert quotes with >
  • Add a hyperlink with [title](
  • Create a checklist with [ ] or []
  • Use [x] to create a checked checklist item
  • Insert a code block with ```
  • Insert hosted images with ![description](​

Unlock the power of the Almanac Core in your docs

New documents will now show top templates from the Almanac Core to help you get started on making decisions within your documents. Browse templates by discipline and explore our most popular templates across categories. Let us know what templates you'd like to see added here by emailing us at [email protected].

Quality of life improvements

  • We updated the Versions modal to make it clearer to view the versions of your document
  • Inbox and email notifications for comments and tasks will now link directly to the specific comment or task within the document
  • Changing gradient text to inline code will now work as expected
  • Viewing the details of a task now works with your very, very long task names 🙂