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December 9, 2022
New Feature
Crowdsource Improvements to Public Documentation
Crowdsource Improvements to Public Documentation

This week we shipped several new features that enable an entirely new way to use Almanac: public documentation.

In Almanac you can now curate your docs into a handbook, publish them to the web, and crowdsource updates from your community.

While most public documentation goes stale without continual effort, Almanac crowdsources improvements from your community. Users can suggest changes. Doc owners can merge in the best branches, effectively making them "living doc."

It's perfect for any kind of public documentation that supports your business or community:

  • Technical docs – for an interactive developer portal, product docs, or API docs.
  • Help Center articles - get suggestions on what to improve or make up-to-date.
  • Open-Source projects - use a community to constantly improve documentation.
  • Community resources - crowdsource suggestions from those who know it best.

Here's how it works:

Crowdsource improvements from your community.

Give your community members the opportunity to improve your public documentation by suggesting changes – which creates a branch off your read-only docs that they can submit for approval.

Suggesters don't need an account – they just need to verify their email to prevent spammers or bad actors.

Approve and merge in the best branches.

As the document owner, you're always in control. Maintain the quality of your docs by reviewing branches and merging in the best suggestions.

Built for your brand.

Make your documentation look as good as your website with custom fonts, styles, colors, and more. Add your logo to your handbook and put in on a custom subdomain of your choosing.

Want to see how it works?

Go to this demo developer portal for Hooli that we created and view any document. Click Suggest Changes to create a branch and verify your email (so you can go back to your branch at any time).

Make any edits you want or leave comments on the branch and submit the branch for approval. If accepted, the doc owner can merge your edits into the main doc.