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December 9, 2022
Back at it: Easily reference Handbooks in docs
Back at it: Easily reference Handbooks in docs

Quickly add references to Handbooks without leaving your document using the convenient @ mention menu! Your Handbooks now appear in the mention search results alongside documents and workspace members. Search away 💪​

Is this doc in a handbook somewhere?

If you find yourself asking that question all too often, we've got you covered. The answer is now at your fingertips–if the document is in a handbook, it will show up on the share screen. Almanac: 1. Wondering if a doc is in a handbook somewhere: 0. 

Import improvements

Ever wonder where your imported docs are? Wonder no more! We created an "Imported" view in All Files for you to keep track of all the imported docs. And... bonus round: You can now open and work on imported docs right after they are done importing.

Quality of life

  • We've added additional Slack notifications for easy work tracking
  • Cleaned up copy/paste in Firefox to no longer include the empty state prompt
  • Refined our automatic hyperlink behavior to support non-links that look like links 🙃
  • Improved Handbook access logic
  • Cleaned up the experience for loading public documents protected by password

Bonus: You're working the wrong way

The small talk, endless meetings, and constant interruptions. It's all the worst. To anyone who's ever been personally victimized by office culture, we made a video just for you.