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May 31, 2022
An improved home for your Tasks
An improved home for your Tasks

There's no better feeling than checking something off your to-do list, and no worse feeling than when your list feels out of hand. We've overhauled the experience for creating and managing your tasks in Almanac to help make every day feel productive.

You can now speed up your workflows by creating sections for your tasks, using drag and drop to reorder, and attaching tasks to a document.

Head to the Tasks page in your workspace to try it out today!

Care to expand? Double-click photos to expand

We've enabled double-click expand to zoom in on images and gifs within your document. Diagrams, screenshots, dog photos you need to see in a bit more detail, we get it, and it just became a whole lot easier. Double-click any image to try it out!

Quality of life improvements

  • We've made it simpler to edit text that has a comment attached to it
  • Brave and Safari users, you will now be notified when you run into one of their known browser bugs
  • Toggle blocks are back to toggling!