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January 17, 2023
New Feature
All Together Now: Document Auto-Scrolling
All Together Now: Document Auto-Scrolling

Now, when typing or adding new content at the bottom of your document, the document will automatically scroll to keep your content within easy view.


  • We've updated Clean Up Mode on your documents to always show comments and tracked changes in the order they appear in your document.
  • We fixed a bug where filtering for the Collaboration tab in your document's right sidebar was no longer working. Now you can resume filtering your active and resolved comments, tracked changes, and more.
  • We fixed a bug where dragging a document within a folder could move the file out of the folder and into the All Files root.
  • The Status property for documents is no longer editable. But expect an even better update to this coming soon. 👀
  • Our Help Center took a sick day. It's now back up and running.