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December 9, 2022
New Feature
A timely update: Work smarter with the in-doc Timer
A timely update: Work smarter with the in-doc Timer

Nothing beats a high productivity work session that allows you to regain your time for the things that matter most in life. We are stoked to introduce our new in-doc timer to help you do just that. With the Timer, you can find focus flow with Pomodoro mode, create reusable schedules for your synchronous meeting documents, or get a sense of your document working time. Brainstorming sessions, standups, retros, team meetings, just became a whole lot easier!

Check out the new timer icon in the bottom right of any document to get started 🔥

Pomodoro example:

Meeting example

Seamless document navigation

Say goodbye to your tab graveyard 👋  We've added Recent Documents to both Search and the Command Line (⌘+k) so you can instantly jump between your recently viewed docs without ever leaving your keyboard. You can also navigate through a document from the command line using #​ to jump to different section headers.

Coveted Inbox Zero: More control over when and where you receive notifications

You now can configure which activities in Almanac you receive notifications for. For each type of notification you can choose to receive it in your Almanac inbox, Slack, or via email.

Set up your workflows in a way that works best for you by navigating to "My Account" → "Notifications"

Quality of life improvements

  • Almanac docs are now loading faster than ever! 🏎
  • Slack notifications for Reviews, Suggestions, and Read Receipts are now available 📲
  • We improved the hyperlink modal to simplify your experience editing hyperlink text 🔗
  • Previewing an image on insertion is now more reliable  👀
  • You can now single click to zoom on expanded photos for easier detail-viewing 🔍
  • Nested folders will now fully delete as expected 🗑