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June 22, 2022
A more powerful compare and merge
A more powerful compare and merge

Our improved compare and merge experience makes it easier than ever to maintain one living document as the source of truth. Compare versions side-by-side, track changes, merge into one, and restore from points in the past.

A fresh look for Almanac Core

Almanac Core went to the spa and came back with a pep in its step. We've made it easier than ever to find the right resource in our vast knowledge base. You can now search by templates, guides, or docs related to a specific function. We can't wait for you to find the doc that will turbocharge your team.

Borderline magic: a toolbar for table borders

Now when fancying up your tables, you can easily access border styling options whenever a border is selected. Build yourself a table with class.

Quality of life improvements

  • Landing in a workspace will now take you directly to your Files view.
  • Resolving a comment on an image will now fully remove it.
  • We’ve improved the reliability of file importing.