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March 14, 2023
A more delightful editing experience
A more delightful editing experience

New quick action menu in the editor

To make it even faster to dynamically write in Almanac, our most frequently used elements are now just a tap away. Press the "+" on the left side of any new line to add tables, images, embeds, links, or access more options.

Enhanced Focus Mode

Removing distractions as you write is critical for getting into flow. We've enhanced Almanac's Focus Mode by adding an additional entry point at the bottom right of the screen, a faster way to ESC it, and hid even more of our interface so you can center your attention on what matters most.  

Quality of Life Improvements

  • You can now create docs faster inline by holding "Shift+enter" as you type a doc's name; the doc will be created without opening it, and your cursor will automatically move to the next line to add another doc.
  • We refined the selected state of our elements to make it easier on the eyes.
  • We fixed a bug where pressing delete after typing a comment in a table would remove the underlying text.
  • We fixed edge cases around finishing a review so that it always progresses a doc's status.
  • We improved the presence of how avatars display on document Layers.
  • We sped up performance for the Assigned property on Kanban boards.
  • Deleting a favorited doc now automatically removes it from the left sidebar's Favorites area.
  • Right clicking on a cell in a database now opens the options menu in the same place.