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35 Best Remote Work Tools You Need in 2023
Hailey Friedman
Hailey Friedman
Freelance Writer
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Remote work tools were basically required for the past two years: they allow businesses to operate without the need for a brick-and-mortar office, save on rent and expenses, and hire the best talent no matter where they may be. Brainstorming, collaboration, and many other work functions are possible instantly – no matter what time zone or geographical location. 

Remote work often offers many benefits over working in the office for both businesses and employees. Many employees report being more productive and happy when they can work remotely, as well as having a more satisfying work-life balance.

Remote work tools help make this a lot simpler. These cloud-based applications provide comprehensive functionality that gives employees and businesses the opportunity to have all the tools they need for a successful work environment.

Best Remote Work Tools for 2023


Almanac provides one of the best remote work tools out there for knowledge management and async collaboration. Instead of meetings, its features allow for the real-time addition of edits, comments, requests, and revisions, letting remote workers anywhere – and in any time zone! – to see and complete tasks. 

Almanac stands out above the rest by offering advanced admin controls, including heightened security protocols and user provisioning. With its dynamic embeds, custom fonts, threaded commenting, and document analytics, it’s both a highly versatile and remarkably user-friendly remote work tools.

Check out an interactive demo:


  • Advanced analytics: review tracking, read receipts, edit tracking
  • Share to individuals or groups, with or without password protection
  • Easy collaboration with aggregated collaboration notifications
  • Company customization
  • Pull documents together to create a comprehensive package
  • Request feedback and approval automatically


Almanac is still in its early years, so it’s in the process of adding new features and building out their platform.


  • Free to use
  • $49 for small teams and unlimited storage
  • $129 for growing teams


Proofhub logo remote work tools

Proofhub is project planning software that boasts taking the ability of a handful of different applications and combining them all into one package. This remote work tools allows employees to keep important information all in one place, and communicate through instant messaging. 


  • Clunky user interface
  • Forms aren’t the easiest to set up or use
  • Limited review and approval process


  • Essential $45/month - Up to 40 projects, unlimited users, 15GB of storage
  • Ultimate Control $89/month - Custom roles, custom workflows, project manager, data export, priority support


Trello logo remote work tools

Trello is a project management and collaboration platform that works with lists and what are called “cards.” Cards are all of the information about a project in one space, such as:

  • Due dates
  • Edits
  • Checklists
  • Attachments
  • Conversations

These cards are centered for easy access. Trello also has built-in automation, reducing tasks and clicks.


  • Limited storage
  • Will not work offline
  • Cards are limited to one project
  • Having many projects can get overwhelming


  • Free $0 - Unlimited cards, unlimited storage, up to 10 boards per workspace, customization
  • Standard $5/user/month - Unlimited boards, advanced checklists, saved searches
  • Premium $10/user/month - Different views, unlimited command runs, priority support, app integrations
  • Enterprise $17.50/user/month - Unlimited workspaces, SSO and user provisioning, public board management


asana logo remote work tools

Asana offers customizable project views, and routine work can be automated, and customizable boards allow for thorough communication of a project. Asana also works with 200+ applications to streamline project management and teamwork across multiple platforms.


  • Features can be too many to choose from for smaller teams or projects
  • There is no time tracking for project work
  • Exporting documents is not simple


  • Basic $0 - Unlimited tasks and projects, collaboration with up to 15 teammates, calendar view, app integrations
  • Premium $10.99/user/month - Timeline, reporting, advanced search features, custom fields, forms, admin console
  • Business $24.99/user/month - Custom rules builder, portfolios, forms customization, proofing, advanced integrations

Workplace by Facebook

workplace logo remote work tools

While Facebook is not normally thought of as a remote work tools, Workplace attempts to turn that thought around by using collaboration software for communication and company culture. One feature of Workplace is allowing for communication with coworkers and employees that is as easy as communicating with friends online, encouraging connection through feedback.


  • Requires a lot of administrative and behind-the-scenes work to make it work well
  • Layout can be complicated and overwhelming
  • Project management features are lacking


Workplace is one of the cheaper remote work tools, starting at $4 per person for the Core set of features, with a $2 per month add-on for enhanced administration and support, and another $2 per month add-on for enterprise live capabilities.

Microsoft Teams

microsoft team logo remote work tools

Microsoft Teams has a huge user base and a variety of features, which can get overwhelming for a new user. Cloud storage is included, meetings can be started immediately, and files and chats are kept indefinitely in one place so they can always be referred back to. Teams is part of the Office 365 suite, which brings all of Microsoft’s productivity apps together.


  • If Team or Group names are reused, notifications can be glitchy
  • Insufficient training for using Teams in collaboration with other Microsoft applications
  • File structure can be confusing


  • Free $0 - Unlimited meetings for up to 60 minutes and 100 participants, 5GB cloud storage, file sharing
  • Essentials $4/user/month - Unlimited meetings for up to 30 hours and 300 participants, 10GB cloud storage per user, priority support


email analytics logo remote work tools

EmailAnalytics works with Gmail to provide feedback on a number of data points, such as:

  • How many emails are being sent and received
  • How quickly responses are made
  • How much unread email is in an inbox

Email traffic can be broken down by person and even hour of the day. There is no software or training, this program simply connects to email accounts and sends a detailed report on a daily or weekly basis.


  • There are free programs out there that do similar things
  • Filters can bypass analytics and give a false picture
  • Currently only works with Gmail


  • Individual $0 - Track emails, response time, and label activity, daily or weekly reporting
  • Pro $10/user/month - Filters, sorting, data exportation, advanced customer support
  • Enterprise pricing by business - Advanced email report scheduling, add team members, Gmail integration 

Troop Messenger

Troop messenger logo remote work tools

Troop Messenger advertises itself as a comprehensive instant messaging app for businesses, offering features like: 

  • Phone applications
  • Screen sharing
  • Private messaging
  • A “Respond Later” flag

This messenger application brings an all-in-one package to business communications. You can even edit sent messages to fix mistakes.


  • The phone applications can be buggy
  • Troop Messenger does not integrate with many common applications
  • Messaging actions (forward, copy, delete, etc.) are a 2-step process that can add to wasted time


  • Premium $2.50/user/month - One on one messaging, unlimited group chats, 250GB of storage, file sharing, search capabilities
  • Enterprise $5/user/month - Remote screen sharing, unlimited video conferencing, message editing, read receipts, contacts, app integration, 1TB storage


kissflow logo remote work tools

Kissflow is an application package designed to be a complete digital workspace. The programs cover:

  • Workflow responsibilities
  • Procurement tracking
  • Digital workspaces management
  • Project management
  • Community collaboration tools

The focus for Kissflow is being low-code and somewhat user-friendly, allowing the user to customize their own workspaces to maximize efficiency.


  • Some forms, such as POs, are not customizable
  • Exporting reports is not simple
  • Can be a huge learning curve for employees moving from other systems


Kissflow’s pricing options depend on which programs are included, but most start at nothing for basic features and move up to $5 or $12 per user per month for more advanced features.


basecamp logo remote work tools

Basecamp is a toolkit for project management and communication. Work is split into projects that manage many different facets, from people to files to schedules. Centralized notifications may boost productivity and cut down on distractions and can be customized to any calendar.


  • Cannot track team member scheduling or availability
  • Tasks can not be organized by priority
  • Analytic reporting is lacking


  • Personal $0 - includes up to 3 projects, 20 users, and 1GB storage space
  • Business $99/month - includes unlimited users and projects, 500GB storage space, advanced client access, and more


instagantt logo remote work tools

Instagantt is an online Gannt chart tool for project management. Tasks can be extended or moved without the necessity of remapping dependencies, keeping everything aligned. A comprehensive dashboard and reporting allow for an easy visual of project status.


  • Heavy users can experience lag time in loading
  • Only available online
  • Tasks cannot be split into parts


  • Single $7/user/month - includes unlimited projects, project groups, and portfolios
  • Team $5/user/month - adds workflow management for teams and license management logo remote work tools touts itself as the world’s most powerful workplace and document collaboration platform. Users can customize a workspace and access a wide library of document editing and collaboration tools from anywhere at any time.


  • Limited formatting and design
  • Confusing for first-time users
  • Only available online


  • Free 0$ - Up to 5 members, 50 documents, and 1GB of storage
  • Pro $8/user/month - Unlimited members and documents, 500GB storage
  • Business $15/user/month - Unlimited storage, trackable documents, customer support
  • Enterprise price by business - Adds dedicated servers and advanced user controls


slack logo remote work tools

Slack is a communication tool that can work across multiple companies with organized conversations in chat spaces, messages, calls, online meetings, and more. Routines and actions can be automated, and Slack allows for integrations with a number of different applications.


  • Push notifications and things like emojis and badges can cut down on productivity
  • The app moves quickly and messages can get buried
  • Not as comprehensive as some applications


  • Free $0 - One on one voice and video calls, some app integration
  • Pro $6.67/user/month - All message history, unlimited integrations, group calls with up to 15 people
  • Business $12.50/user/month - Priority support, advanced identity management, compliance requirements
  • Enterprise price by business - Heightened security and compliance, support for up to 500k users, administrative capabilities


hypercontext logo remote work tools

Hypercontext is a management tool focused on building more productive and organized teams. Have one on ones in a dedicated space, collaborate and give feedback on meetings and schedules, and promote ownership with goals and milestones.


  • Most features only available online
  • Difficult user interface for first-time users
  • Syncing between phone app and online interface is not always reliable


  • Free 0$ - unlimited meetings, real-time feedback, automated meeting minutes
  • Pro $5.60/user/month - AI conversation insights, custom agendas, 250GB of storage
  • Business $8.80/user/month - goal-setting and milestones, priority support, engagement reporting


dropbox logo remote work tools

Dropbox is a remote work tool for collaborating, sharing, and storing documents. Team editing, proofing, and sign-off capability can all be done in real-time from anywhere. Dropbox also has integrations with many other programs to complete business workspace needs.


  • Pricing can be expensive
  • Organizing files and folders can be tedious and confusing
  • Requires a good bit of hard drive space to have local functions


  • Standard $12.50/user/month - 5kGBs of storage, 3+ users, watermarking, admin console
  • Professional $16.58/user/month - 180 days of file recovery and version history, two-factor authentication, passwords, watermarking
  • Advanced $20/user/month - Device approvals, traffic and insights, viewer history, SSO integrations

Google Drive

Google drive logo remote work tools

Google Drive’s main talking point is their security, as well as preventing files and documents from being used for ads or data. Google Drive also consolidates all Google applications, including Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Forms, and more. Files are kept in cloud storage and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and the program claims a thorough search function using AI. 


  • No password protection on documents and links can be shared with anyone
  • Amount of uploads is limited
  • Collaborative applications can be glitchy and full of adware


Google Drive comes as part of the Google Workspace, which includes a number of remote work tools.

  • Business Starter $6/user/month - up to 100 participants in video meetings, 30GB of cloud storage, standard support
  • Business Standard $12/user/month - up to 150 participants and video recording, 2TB cloud storage
  • Business Plus $18/user/month - 250 video meeting participants, recording and attendance tracking, 5TB storage, enhanced security, and endpoint management
  • Enterprise price by business - email encryption, unlimited storage, enhanced support


todoist logo remote work tools

Todoist is a planning application that claims to allow users the ability to focus their energy on the right things instead of wasting time. It promotes kanban style cards and users can delegate tasks, centralize work, and get visible progress updates. 


  • The interfaces of the application are not very similar across different device types
  • No calendar view or habit tracking option
  • Lacks integrations and features that many users look for


  • Free $0 - 5 projects, 5 collaborators, 5MB file uploads, 1 week of activity history
  • Pro $3/user/month - 300 active projects, 25 collaborators per project, 100MB file uploads, unlimited activity history
  • Business $5/user/month - 500 active projects, 50 collaborators per project, admin and member roles, priority support


krisp logo remote work tools

Krisp is an application that removes background noise and echoes from online meetings. The application claims to work with over 800 applications, but some user reviews claim otherwise. Krisp can also record meetings and provide virtual backgrounds.


  • Can cause voices to sound robotic when muting background noise
  • Issues with some extensions
  • High CPU usage


  • Personal $0 - 240 min/week of noise removal, 1GB recording storage, virtual backgrounds
  • Personal Pro $5/user/month - unlimited noise removal, 10GB storage, virtual backgrounds
  • Teams $5/user/month - priority support, team management, centralized billing, SAML SSO
  • Enterprise price by business - VIP support, management API, VID support, executive business reviews


callhippo logo remote work tools

Callhippo is a VOIP phone system that promises ease of use and customer support. Products include a full business phone system, speech analytics, call tracking, and voice broadcasting. A simple dashboard shows call analytics, and Callhippo works in 50+ countries.


  • Many customers have complained of poor call quality
  • Does not always work on all browsers
  • Reporting capabilities are very basic


  • Bronze $16/user/month - free number, SMS, voicemail, teams, campaign management
  • Silver $24/user/month - free call recording, live calls, internal team calling, holiday hours, email reports
  • Platinum $40/user/month - dedicated account manager, power dialer, voice broadcasting, conference calling, routing to an external number
  • Enterprise $48/user/month - unlimited free dashboard users, intelligent call recording, advanced integrations


loom logo remote work tools

Loom is an application that records short videos of a computer screen or camera image. Loom can send a limited demo of anything to a large number of people. Internal audio can also be recorded, allowing for reactions and feedback to videos.


  • Still screenshots can not be edited
  • Can be an issue when multiple monitors are in use
  • Video editing can be tricky and slow to process


  • Starter $0 - 50 creators, 25 videos/person, 5 mins/video, team workspace
  • Business $8/user/month - unlimited creators, unlimited videos, unlimited recording length, transcriptions, custom branding
  • Enterprise priced by business - SSO, advanced content privacy, salesforce integration, SCIM

I Done This

i done this logo remote work tools

I Done This is a to-do list program that claims to hack your productivity. Many integrations are available, as well as daily digests with upcoming tasks and completed tasks. This program also offers productivity reports on a whole company or individual scale.


  • There is no free version, and the software seems pricey for what it does
  • Not all extensions work at the time of writing
  • If your subscription ends, you cannot access previous data


  • $12.50/user/month - task management, daily digest, upload any file type, productivity reporting, integrations, user roles/permissions


dialpad logo remote work tools

Dialpad is a communication tool that claims to be so much more than a business phone by offering calls, messaging, meetings, and a contact center. The main draws of Dialpad are that it offers 100% uptime for calls, and new users can be set up in minutes.


  • Can have issues when using multiple platforms (e.g. cell phone and desktop)
  • Random call drops
  • Inaccurate transcriptions


Dialpad pricing differs based on the needs of the individual or company, and what services are chosen.


thriveindex logo remote work tools

Thriveindex is a program that uses surveys and analytics to allow managers to keep a pulse on how their employees are feeling about their jobs. The information tracked claims anonymity so managers can focus on workplace issues instead of singular employees.


  • This program is very new and does not have much information or backing yet
  • There is no free version, only a free trial


You need to contact them for business-specific pricing. 


teamwork logo remote work tools

Teamwork is another project management software tool that claims to be everything necessary to get the job done. This program offers real-time collaboration and a bird’s eye view of project management tasks to see at a glance what milestones have happened or need to be reached.


  • No PDF or image markup tools
  • Live chat user interface is not set up well
  • Security features unavailable at lower price tiers


  • Free Forever $0 - basic project and task management, milestones, messages
  • Deliver $10/user/month - 20 project templates, time tracking, agile view with workflows, integrated chat, unlimited users, collaborative document editor
  • Grow $18/user/month - 50 project templates, custom fields, resource scheduling, time budgeting
  • Scale price by business


cloudtalk logo remote work tools

Cloudtalk is call center software that says it will improve how your sales and support teams work. Call centers can be set up virtually and run from anywhere that has an internet connection. Analytics track and record calls for performance review.


  • Call logs can be difficult to download and review
  • Some integrations are not easy or fully functional
  • Support is slow


  • Starter $25/user/month - unlimited inbound and intracompany calls, click to call, automated call distribution, international numbers
  • Essential $30/user/month - advanced analytics with unlimited history, real-time dashboard, integrations, skill-based routing, SMS
  • Expert $50/user/month - salesforce integration, power and predictive dialer, call monitoring, speech to text, SSO, unlimited concurrent calls
  • Custom price by business - custom onboarding, unlimited outbound calls, enterprise-level security, custom reporting


nextiva logo remote work tools

Nextiva is another call center app that touts easy communication with anyone anywhere. Nextiva allows for services to be purchased together or singularly to fine-tune the service to a particular business. Service and sales tools are included that may help businesses connect better with customers.


  • Support is not immediately available
  • Not many integrations and most are basic
  • Mobile app can be glitchy


  • Essential $18.95/user/month - unlimited voice and video calling, auto-attendant and toll-free numbers, integrations, voicemail to email notifications, unlimited internet fax
  • Professional $22.95/user/month - unlimited conference calls with up to 40 participants, unlimited video conferencing with up to 250 participants, extended integrations
  • Enterprise $32.95/user/month - unlimited participants on voice and video calls, unlimited recording, voice analytics, and voicemail transcription
  • Ultimate $57.95/user/month - sales productivity and pipeline management, automated surveys, customer journey analytics


hubstaff logo remote work tools

Hubstaff is a productivity and time tracking tool that claims all-in-one functionality for managing field or remote teams. Features include employee monitoring, geofencing, GPS tracking, and many more that allow a business to have as much of a remote workforce as necessary.


  • User interface navigation can be difficult
  • Tracking consists of keyboard and mouse activities only
  • Reporting is mediocre


  • Desk Free $0 - time tracking, timesheets, activity levels, some reports
  • Desk Starter $7/user/month - unlimited screenshots, reports, some payments, one integration, 24 hour support
  • Desk Pro $10/user/month - track apps and URLs, payments, unlimited integrations, time off and holidays, scheduling and attendance, payroll
  • Enterprise priced by business - VIP support, higher limits on public API, unlimited job sites, HIPAA compliance

Time Doctor

time doctor logo remote work tools

Time Doctor says it is better for employees and better for managers because it can measure and analyze how a team spends its time. Time tracking, integrations, and work schedules work together to help promote a healthy work-life balance. Organizations can make decisions based on real-time data.


  • Mobile and desktop apps do not sync well
  • Support is slow to respond
  • Billing profiles cannot be deleted once added


  • Basic $7/user/month - time tracking, tasks and projects, unlimited screenshots, activity tracking
  • Standard $10/user/month - track apps and URLs, payroll, 60+ integrations, daily email notifications
  • Premium $20/user/month - client login access, VIP support, video screen captures, unlimited data storage


whereby logo remote work tools

Whereby is a video calling program that promises beautiful, simple video calls without apps, downloads, or long meeting links. The company focus is inward, and their goal is to build a product that users want to use by being a good business themselves. Whereby calls can currently be added to any website or app.


  • No attendee tracking
  • Participation limits seem severe
  • Some security settings may automatically block this app for external user


  • Free $0 - up to 100 participants, unlimited one-on-one meetings, group meetings for up to 45 minutes
  • Pro $6.99/user/month - unlimited group meetings, unlimited recording, company branding, custom subdomain
  • Business $9.99/user/month - unlimited shared rooms, priority support, early access to new features


10to8 logo remote work tools

10to8 claims to be the leading online appointment scheduling software. The company is very focused on compliance and security and has numerous app integrations. Remote appointments and virtual scheduling can be made from anywhere.


  • Support is done through email, and can take forever
  • The program can be buggy and user interface can be clunky


  • Small Business $0 - SMS, 100 appointments/month, 2 logins, co-branding, online support
  • Basic $9.60/user/month - customizable branding
  • Grow $20/user/month - 300 appointments/month, 3 logins, customizable branding and SMS
  • Bigger Business $40/user/month - 600 appointments/month, 6 logins
  • Enterprise price by business - unlimited appointments/month, unlimited logins, advanced features, phone support


zoom logo remote work tools

Perhaps one of the most well-known video conferencing tools compared to its alternatives, Zoom claims to allow a business to completely forget about video conferencing because it is so simple. Chat, meetings, calls, rooms, events and webinars are featured with this program.


  • Occasional voice problems
  • Guest control is nonexistent
  • Mobile access is limited


  • Basic $0 - up to 100 participants, unlimited group meetings up to 40 minutes, unlimited one-on-one meetings up to 30 hours
  • Pro $149.90/license/year - up to 1,000 participants, group meetings up to 30 hours, 1GB cloud recording
  • Business $199.90/license/year - SSO, recording transcripts, company branding
  • Enterprise $240/license/year - up to 500 participants, unlimited cloud storage logo remote work tools is a very basic-looking program that keeps track of where individuals are located as well as what time zone they are in. Businesses with employees in multiple geographical locations can prevent employers from having to remember where everyone is.


  • Simple program that can be done with other, more robust applications


Pricing available by business.


freshdesk logo-remote work tools

Freshdesk is customer service software that claims effortless customer service with more meaningful conversations with every customer. The program includes apps, widgets, reporting, and analytics that promote fast and reliable customer support.


  • Customization and authentication can be difficult
  • There’s a learning curve for new users


  • Free $0 - email and social ticketing, dispatch, knowledge base, trend reports, team collaboration
  • Growth $15/user/month - automation, collision detection, marketplace apps, helpdesk report, custom email server, custom SSL, time tracking
  • Pro $49/user/month - custom roles, custom reports and dashboards, up to 5,000 collaborators, custom apps
  • Enterprise $79/user/month - skill-based routing, sandbox, audit log, agent shifts, email bot, assist bot, auto-triage, robo assist


clickup logo-remote work tools

ClickUp promises to be the one app to rule them all when it comes to cloud-based remote work tools. This program offers a whiteboarding style layout for project management, and has applications across every device type. ClickUp is available in multiple views for solving different types of business problems.


  • Number of features can be overwhelming for first-time users
  • User interface could use improvement
  • Too many customizations, can get tedious


  • Free $0 - 100MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited members, collaborative docs, real-time chat, local email, time tracking
  • Unlimited $5/user/month - unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, unlimited dashboards, guests with permissions
  • Business $9/user/month - SSO, custom exporting, advanced automation, and dashboard features
  • Business Plus $19/user/month - team sharing, subtasks, increased automation, priority support
  • Enterprise pricing by business - advanced permissions, SSO, managed services


wooboard logo remote work tools

Wooboard’s tagline is creating happier, healthier places to work by being a rewards-based mindfulness platform. Integrations and data analytics allow companies to reward employees for any achievements. The focus of this program is on the improvement of workplace culture.


  • No free plan
  • No HR tools
  • Lack of any type of collaboration


You’ll need to contact them directly for pricing.

Final Thoughts on the Best Remote Work Platforms in 2023

From employees to business managers to start-up founders, working from home is becoming a large part of everyday life. With remote work tools to get the job done, daily productivity can reach–and surpass–in-office work. 

Get started improving your remote work tools with Almanac today. Offering the best knowledge management, document editor, and async collaboration tool, it helps keep everything running smoothly no matter where your team is located, and has lots of love from its users already. 

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