Where remote teams write, approve, and organize docs.

Edit together with branch-like Layers, move 2x faster with automated Review Requests, and track progress on any project.
Powering the world's best remote companies:
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Gautam Bhargava
“Review workflows in Almanac make it so much faster to consume and review my team's work - no other tool we tried has this feature.”
Gautam Bhargava, CEO of Ender
One tool for every team. So you can move twice as fast on work that matters.
Company Handbook
Policy Management
Help Center
User Research
Technical Specs
Incident Reports
Contract Approvals
Post-sale Onboarding
Lead Management
Campaign Planning
Content Approval
Asset Versioning
External Comms
Where you work has changed.
It's time how you work changed, too.
Versions everywhere. Feedback falling through the cracks. Waiting on people for tasks. The best remote teams don't work this way. It's time you joined them.
Collaborate with complete transparency.
Meet Layers, an entirely new way to edit documents together.
Say goodbye to comment thread chaos and competing track changes. Create a Layer to draft privately. Invite others in to comment or review. Merge down edits when you're ready.
Track everything that happens on your docs.
Activity Feed
See everything you need to review, and the requests you've sent, all in one place so nothing falls through the cracks.
Almanac activity feed
Linked Versions
Ensure your team actually reads important knowledge, announcements, and policies.
Linked versions
Doc History
Compare between any two points in time—down to who did what—and easily revert to any point.
Document History
Create your work in a beautiful, easy-to-use doc editor.
Track Changes. Easily keep track of in-progress edits, across multiple editors and Layers.
Focus Mode. Hide the formatting pane and notifications to concentrate on writing.
Backlinks. Quickly reference any Almanac docs linked within the current doc.
Embeds. Embed Jira tickets, Figma files, videos, and more.
Code Blocks. Format and display code and commands.
Custom Fonts. Put your own stamp on every document.
Move work forward without a single meeting.
Almanac ReviewsAlmanac reviews
Introducing Reviews, structured workflows to get approvals without meeting.
Request feedback on any document, directly in Almanac. You set clear roles, deadlines, and context. Then, Almanac notifies your team, organizes the feedback, and prompts late responders for you.
Take the guesswork out of collaboration.
Track edits, comments, and tasks across multiple stakeholders so that nothing falls through the cracks.
Almanac workflows
Give decision-makers control and veto power—so everyone is on the same page.
Almanac reviews
Read Receipts
Ensure your team actually reads important knowledge, announcements, and policies.
Read Receipts
Complete your feedback cycles twice as fast.
Reviews Tab. See everything that needs your feedback in one place
Advanced Filters. Organize multiple rounds of feedback by review cycles.
Cleanup Mode. Compare markups and easily merge down changes.
Review Analytics. Get insights on who's completed a review, and their contributions.
Guest Access. Give guests access to specific docs or folders in your workspace.
Custom Notifications. Turn off Slack and email prompts for more focus and flow.
Build automated structure into any project.
Eliminate busywork with status-based automations.
Turn any folder of documents into a flexible kanban board with statuses that mirror your team's process. Add rules that automatically start Reviews, move, copy, share, or export docs—just by changing a doc's status.
Almanac folderStatus-based automations in Almanac folders
Manage work in one place, from start to finish.
Folder Reviews
Ask for feedback on a board layout, track process compliance, and request updates on multiple docs.
Folder Reviews
More than just docs
Upload or link multiple file types in Almanac, so everything is one place and follows the same process.
Store all your files in Almanac
Advanced filters
Pivot any folder into a database, with dynamic properties and custom views to track bottlenecks.
Design flexible project spaces for every team.
Custom Properties. Reference at-a-glance data about your doc in any folder view.
Saved Views. Create multiple views to visualize blockers and track progress.
Access Control. Share folders with your entire workspace, or keep it just to your project team.
Turn your stale wikis into living handbooks.
Keep documentation minty fresh with Suggestions.
Maintain the quality and accuracy of your important docs. Anyone with read or comment access can create a Suggestions Layer to mark up outdated docs or add comments. Then, owners will be notified to approve and merge the proposed edits.
Wiki HandbookTeam wiki in Almanac
There's a better way to wiki.
Body Search
Find the information you need in seconds with powerful search on the contents of any doc.
Version Control Mode
Lock down entire handbooks so all changes are submitted and approved through Layers.
Set up a scheduled or recurring Review on handbook docs so owners can update knowledge.
A central source of truth for your entire company.
Organize Anything. Keep the most important docs up top with drag-and-drop sort order.
Custom Branding. Create a bespoke look and feel for your folder.
External Links. Bring all of your important content into Almanac.
Personalized URLs. Publish your handbooks with custom links.
Guest Access. Invite guests to view your Handbook, or just a specific page.
Password Protection. Share sensitive content for a specific amount of time.
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Embed issues from your private projects into any doc.
Github logo
Embed issues and pull requests from public and private repositories.
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Embed content into a doc, or upload it as a file for Review.
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Embed videos to add rich context to your docs.
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Embed designs into a doc, or upload it as a file for Review.
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Google Workspace
Embed docs, sheets, and slides, or upload them as files for Review.
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Embed designs into a doc, or upload it as a file for Review.
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Embed content to add rich context to your docs.
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Embed content into a doc, or upload a base for Review.
Slack logo
Respond to document access requests and comments directly in Slack.
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Add PDFs and images for Review.
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Embed boards and flowcharts to add rich context to your docs.
Your work, secure your way.
Your work is valuable. Protecting it is our priority.
SOC2 / HIPAA Compliant
Independently verified for business continuity and the security of protected health information.
SSO/SAML Provisioning
SSO/SAML authentication and advanced user provisioning for simple and secure identity management.
Advanced Permissions
Collaborate only with who you need to. Control access at the document, folder, and workspace level.
Change the way you work in 10 minutes.
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