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Kaelin Hooper
David Jsa
President at D and D
“Almanac takes the review/merge workflow that I loved from my software days and makes it accessible to literally anyone who can use a computer.”
Kaelin Hooper
Kaelin Hooper
CTO of Ender
“We switched to Almanac when we decided to make a big cultural shift away from meetings and towards writing. Almanac is how we gather feedback and get documents approved, which is vital for moving ideas forward on a fully remote team.”
Kaelin Hooper
Gary Walker
Remote/Hybrid Work Specialist
“Almanac acts as our dynamic operating system, serving as the single source of truth for employees.”
Kaelin Hooper
Gerald Neves
CEO at
“Almanac empowers our team with the capabilities of Git for managing our knowledge and documents.”
Kaelin Hooper
Andres Avalos
COO of Yave
“By keeping our policies and procedures in Almanac, we empower everyone at the organization to own our processes and can iterate at "startup speed" while maintaining a single source of truth for how we work.”
Kaelin Hooper
Chris Jewell
Senior Product Manager at Cloud Theory
“Almanac strikes the right balance between control and contribution, ensuring our handbooks remain relevant and up to date, while also ensuring we can meet all our compliance objectives.”
Kaelin Hooper
Cameron Ripley
CEO at Community Boost
“The structure and clarity Almanac provides prevents our team from getting lost in documentation, which was a pretty common occurrence on our Google Drive.”
Kaelin Hooper
Brendten Eickstaedt
CTO at Fama
“The best thing about Almanac is that it treats documents like code, so we can easily review, rollback, and merge documents. We no longer worry about making changes to documents!”
Kaelin Hooper
Eli Chang
COO at Coachable
“We needed a structured way to share materials with our students. Almanac was the perfect solution—Layers gave our team an easy way to collaborate on content and Handbooks helped us share information quickly.”
Kaelin Hooper
Tyler Dow
Director of Marketing at ReUp Education
“Almanac has revolutionized our marketing team's operations, instilling a heightened level of focus and organization that's vital for managing our diverse assets throughout the learner journey.”
Almanac saves distributed teams more than 1 million hours in wasted work each year.
Fewer meetings, faster responses, and less overhead.
Fly through tasks and requests twice as fast.
Never ask "where is that doc?" again.
Eliminate remote team anxiety once and for all.
Reduce tools. Save money. Move faster.
Built for teams who are frustrated with Confluence, Notion, and Asana.
One tool that kills chaos for every team.
Consolidate all your docs in one place.
Keep your team aligned on the work that matters.
Team wiki in Almanac
information anxiety.
Wipe out chaos and confusion with a trusted Source of Truth.
There's a better way to wiki.
Body Search
Find the information you need in seconds with powerful search on the contents of any doc.
Version Control Mode
Lock down entire handbooks so all changes are submitted and approved through Layers.
Set up a scheduled or recurring Review on handbook docs so owners can update knowledge.
Get approvals on docs without additional tools.
Stamp out 5 hours of meetings per week with automations.
Eliminate comment
and suggestions chaos with Layers.
Draft privately and invite others to contribute, all on your terms.
Team wiki in Almanac
Take the guesswork out of collaboration.
Give decision-makers control and veto power—so everyone is on the same page.
Almanac reviews
Read Receipts
Ensure your team actually reads important knowledge, announcements, and policies.
Read Receipts
Build beautiful
microsites for your content.
Share with clients, or the world, without exporting your content to another tool.
Stay in control
with with Version Control Mode
Know who created or changed docs, and when, with one click.
Team wiki in Almanac
Transform docs into lightweight tasks.
Eliminate extra task tools with easy project management.
Take the guesswork out of collaboration.
Activity Feed
See everything you need to review, and the requests you've sent, all in one place so nothing falls through the cracks.
Almanac activity feed
Linked Versions
Ensure your team actually reads important knowledge, announcements, and policies.
Linked versions
Doc History
Compare between any two points in time—down to who did what—and easily revert to any point.
Document History
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Embed issues from your private projects into any doc.
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Embed issues and pull requests from public and private repositories.
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Embed content into a doc, or upload it as a file for Review.
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Embed videos to add rich context to your docs.
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Embed designs into a doc, or upload it as a file for Review.
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Google Workspace
Embed docs, sheets, and slides, or upload them as files for Review.
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Embed designs into a doc, or upload it as a file for Review.
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Embed content to add rich context to your docs.
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Embed content into a doc, or upload a base for Review.
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Respond to document access requests and comments directly in Slack.
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Add PDFs and images for Review.
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Embed boards and flowcharts to add rich context to your docs.
Your work, secure your way.
Your work is valuable. Protecting it is our priority.
SOC2 / HIPAA Compliant
Independently verified for business continuity and the security of protected health information.
SSO/SAML Provisioning
SSO/SAML authentication and advanced user provisioning for simple and secure identity management.
Advanced Permissions
Collaborate only with who you need to. Control access at the document, folder, and workspace level.
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