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December 9, 2022
New Feature
The Almanac Fall 2022 Release
The Almanac Fall 2022 Release

Up-level your decision making with enhanced reviews, streamlined editing, simplified organization and so much more ✨

The Almanac team is proud to launch a suite of updates focused on making Almanac the best place for your company to make decisions and conquer process chaos:

  • An improved collaboration experience, elevating your review cycles while giving you more control over your redlining process.
  • A simplified company organization experience, bringing the power of handbooks to folders and helping you swiftly navigate your workspace.
  • A streamlined editing experience so you can focus on what matters most— drafting powerful proposals, PRDs, and contracts.

The video below provides an overview of all the updates as well as our Fall Release site.

Next-generation collaboration and reviews

Reviews are one of Almanac's most-loved features, so we added even more ways to power-up your review cycles, as well as cross-platform integrations to expand your Reviews-love beyond just Almanac docs.

You can now drive decisions—feedback, approvals, read receipts, and more—on all your favorite file types, no matter where they are created. Reduce process chaos by consolidating all your decisions in one place so you can continue moving your business forward.

Reviews can now be made on a variety of file types, such as Airtable bases, Google Docs, Figma files, and more, bringing the power of Reviews to all your workflows. Reviewers will be able to provide comments and approvals within Almanac. Have another tool you would like to see integrated? Reach out to us at [email protected]!

Sometimes, you want a private space to jot down your thoughts, collaborate with a colleague, or get a confidential review before sharing your changes with the broader team.

We've added the ability to edit and provide feedback on documents in a private layer of your main documents. Document Layers empower you to work within a private working space or to collaborate with a smaller set of stakeholders without changing the main document. The document creator can then easily accept and reject proposed feedback back into the main document.

Reviews drive our users' daily, weekly, and quarterly workflows, often with the same stakeholders and expected outcomes. To help you establish these consistent and repeatable processes, we've added the ability to create Review Templates. Review Templates let you standardize who should be involved in certain reviews, how long they should last, and who the final approver should be.

Finally, we updated the right sidebar to combine collaborative notifications like comments, tasks, and more into one place, allowing you to breeze through feedback and easily filter down to the most important commentary from key stakeholders.

Find flow in the new editing experience

Your most important work happens in Almanac docs, and we want you to experience focus and flow every time you write in Almanac.

To enable this, we simplified your editing experience to make it easier to access your most frequent actions and to visualize all the ways to up-level your document. The new toolbar focuses on just the essential tools for your writing, while the new insert menu in the sidebar lets you easily and quickly insert the elements you know and love. And as always, all elements are available via the / menu.

A clean, simple interface for powerful collaboration. Write with delight using our new toolbar which keeps essential tools for drafting front and center. Drag and drop from our new insert menu in the sidebar, which puts images, tables, @ mentions and more right where you need them.

Go from idea → impact with a new way to organize

You can now access your favorites, files, and folders from the left side of any screen for a streamlined, fast experience. This will allow you to easily view the broader context of a document you're reviewing or quickly navigate projects.

To add to the magic, folders now have all the functionality you know and love from Handbooks, under one simplified organization and permission model.

Dive into a folder to see all the related and relevant documents alongside your current work, customize folders with your logo and colors, share entire folders worth of content with others in a simple-to-navigate view, and publish to the world.