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Unanswered questions of async

What’s next for async collaboration?

By Darryn King

May 3, 2022

As even those who have embraced async and experienced its benefits will admit, there are unanswered questions and new challenges around async collaboration and distributed work more broadly. With more and more orgs adopting async collaboration, we can expect that many of these will be tackled and addressed, and that new and improved strategies will emerge.

For now, for companies taking steps to make the transition to async collaboration, these are some of the as yet unresolved issues to acknowledge, anticipate, and prepare for.

  • Can remote-first, async-first companies do more to recreate the sense of identity and social fulfillment that came with office work?

  • What can companies do to foster even more meaningful and lasting friendships between colleagues?

  • What does equitable compensation look like with a globally dispersed team? Should team members be compensated differently according to the cost of labor/cost of living in their respective cities?

  • How can we help the younger generation of workers get the skills, support, and mentorship they need while working remotely and async?

Has your distributed team/org confronted these challenges? Or others? Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences with Almanac: [email protected]

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