Almanac vs. notion

The Notion alternative that makes docs truly collaborative.

Almanac is a document editor that gives you the power to create, collaborate, and organize docs the way you want.
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What former Notion users have to say

"The whole product feels as if a software engineer got really frustrated with documents and took lessons from writing code and moved them into writing documents."

Ilya Nekhay
Ilya Nekhay
Software Engineering Manager, Indeed

"I love how collaborative it feels compared to Notion."

Joao Beraldo
Joao Beraldo
Platform Lead at EQT Ventures

"Almanac is like Notion, but fast, and with their git-like branch features, it's built for all users to feel empowered to suggest changes to company documentation."

Matt Redler
Matt Redler
CEO of

Almanac vs. Notion

First off, we think Notion is a beautiful tool— congrats to their team.

Notion's all-in-one nature is meant to appeal to a vast number of audiences, needs, and use cases, but it might not be the right tool for you and how you work.

We're different.

We built Almanac as a power tool for team's to collaborate in documents, designed with a true document editor.

Almanac's platform keeps your work, documentation, and collaboration organized. It's easy to access and transparent so that you always have the context you need.

Try it out. We guarantee it'll be worth your time.
Here are 5 unique things you can do in Almanac.
Create docs with a true document editor.
Almanac gives you all the customization you expect from a  document editor with the power of modern integrations.
Rich text formatting
100+ fonts
Real-time text cursors
Dynamic embeds with 15+ integrations
Almanac document editor
See every edit & change that has been made.
Almanac activity feed
Always have context into who has made edits and what has happened since you last viewed a document.
Activity Feed
Version History
Know if a user has viewed a doc or not
Restore from a version
Manage versions with precise control.
Create branches to make a linked version of the doc to control where people can edit or leave feedback.
Merge versions together
Compare versions against each other
Share access to specific versions
Suggest changes to docs you don't have access to.
Create a branch in Almanac
Organize docs the way you want.
Almanac gives you multiple ways to organize and find docs in the way that suits you and your organization best.
Simple organization that everyone understands.
Almanac Folders
Pick specific docs to curate into wiki-like playbooks.
Sales Playbook
Add a list of docs into a document.
Share docs with read receipts.
Request people to mark a doc as read and get analytics on who has and hasn't.
No more guessing if people have seen a doc or not
Automatic reminders
Compliance-level analytics
Sharing docs in Almanac
All that and so much more
Request Reviews
Ask for feedback and approvals right from your editor.
See all the notifications of docs you're collaborating on.
Share to Groups
Easily share docs or folders to groups of people.
Track Changes
See visual markups of additions and deletions.
See all of your tasks in one place.
Add Properties
Add searchable metadata to documents.
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When it comes to Notion alternatives, Almanac is #1.
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