Manage work without meetings.

Almanac is a modern collaboration platform designed to streamline projects and automate manual tasks.
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There's something deeply broken about modern work.
Getting work done shouldn't take hundreds of meetings, Slack messages, and emails.
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We need a new way of working.
Where you work has changed. It's time how you work changes too.
Almanac puts your workflow on rails.
A single place where every file in your organization has a status.
Kill meetings and manual overhead.
Automate your feedback, approvals, and knowledge sharing.
Share docs with read receipts to know who actually reads them.
Read Receipts on documents
Give explicit feedback that lets the requester know when you're done.
Finish your review panel
Ensure your team follows the same process every time.
Folder status and automations
See who's completing tasks and who hasn't with doc analytics.
document insights
Collaborate in Layers for private editing.
Changes are tracked automatically. Merge them into the main doc when you're ready.
Know the state of everything, always.
Understand how work came to be, who is doing what, and where you're needed next.
Versions are linked together so you never lose track of them.
Version tracker
See the entire history of how your doc came to be.
Almanac history panel
Reviews tab surfaces important docs that need your feedback.
Reviews tab
Activity feed makes every action taken visible.
Activity Feed
Review anything, from anywhere.
Upload your slide decks, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more. Connecting all of your files with the power of Almanac.
Manage work from start to finish in one place.
From Kanban boards to docs to databases, Almanac has everything you need to get work done.
End-to-end collaboration to power every team.
Organize and share your most important docs.
Collaborate on the documents and files that shape your company with structure and transparency.
Document Collaboration
Project Management
Automated Workflows
Workflow automations
Product & Engineering
Structure a system for collaborating on technical docs.
Put your review and approval processes on rails so you always know their current status.
Roadmap Planning
Sprint Dashboards
Scrum & Kanban
Bug Tracking
Organize PRDs
Collaborate without losing control of docs.
Invite collaborators to your docs on Layers where you control what edits get merged into the final version.
Contract Management
Sales Pipeline
Post-Sale Integration
Lead Management
Track changes on a contract
Organize marketing work with true transparency.
Bring structure and transparency to the way you operate a marketing machine.
Copy Approvals
Content Calendar
Campaign Management
Digital Asset Versioning
Organize files in Almanac
Publish procedures and policies for everyone to see.
Collaborate and publish important documents that make your company run smoothly.
Operating Procedures
Compliance & Protocols
Critical Path
Company Handbook
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5000+ docs. Created by experts. Free for you to copy and customize.
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